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The British Fireworks Association (BFA) was founded in 2002 and represents the majority of the UK's manufacturers and importers of consumer fireworks. Prior to this the main industry body was the British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA) which represented both consumer and display companies, as the regulations changed it became obvious that these changes were affecting some members more than others and so the BFA was formed as a separate association to the BPA.

The BFA members are represented on committees and working groups throughout the UK and Europe where fireworks are on the agenda. The aim of the BFA is to promote the safe and sensible use of fireworks that are manufactured and tested to the highest standards, to achieve this we actively participate in all changes to the legislation on fireworks.

To become members of the BFA companies have to comply with strict criteria and also a Members Code of Conduct, this goes a long way to ensuring the safety and quality of their products and that the company itself behaves in a manner which is acceptable to the authorities and public alike.





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